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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Daniel Larison writes for the American Conservative Blog and for The Week magazine.  He specializes in exquisitely detailed disections of other people's writing,  especially people on the right.  Lately he has been obsessed with the Iranian elections and those who pontificate on them.  This is against a  backdrop of calls for either overt assistance to the Green Movement or just plain war on Iran.  I can't agree with all of his ideas or themes but in commenting on his latest blast against the war mongers, a thought occurred to me.

It's simplicity itself actually, why not encourage the Iranians to achieve nuclear weaponry?  I know this sounds insane but there are hidden benefits.  Israel as we all know have about 200 thermonuclear warheads  loaded on rockets, aircraft and German built submarines.   The cost of this must be enormous.  Of course as the largest recipient of US aid, Israel can afford this.  So let's say that Iran "Has the bomb."  Just one would never do, so more would have to be built.  Then delivery systems would have to built along with methods of protecting these.  Many specialist troops and technicians would have to be maintained in order to keep this force on alert.

Clearly, an oil rich nation that has to import gasoline because it cannot construct a decent oil refinery  would literally bankrupt itself just attempting to construct and maintain a nuclear deterrent.  So lets jinn up their fears and encourage them to build build build!

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