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Sunday, August 23, 2009


The disgraceful release of the Libyan government murderer who perpetrated the Lockerbie atrocity seems connected to Gordon Brown, UK PM. From letters leaked and observations of his behavior at the last G8 Summit, he clearly brokered a deal with Qaddafi for the return of what a appears to be a Libyan national hero with American and British blood on his hands. Brown is hiding and will not speak. It's not clear how the evidence pointing to a deal could be refuted. Perhaps Brown is now on the phone to Bill Clinton asking for advice, for clearly only mendacity on a Clintonian scale car save him now.

But this begs the question, why was this ever a matter for the judiciary? As I've stated before, acts of state sponsored terrorism on this scale are acts of war. Twenty years on, it's a bit late for that. This is one of the few dropped balls attributable to the Reagan Administration. It saddens me to say it, for the President promised the American people that retribution for Lockerbie would happen. Behind the scenes perhaps it did. I hope so. In any event, Qaddafi has been mind his P'& Q's lately, so I suppose that this shameful episode will be the final act in this awful affair.

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