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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have returned from vacation, having posted nothing for a long time. I will correct this forthwith. The Carolina weather was alternately stormy and sunny. The storms had surprisingly little influence on my fishing, as they rumbled along to the south my like the freight trains of Olympus. Fishing was sparse as it was flounder season and I have not fished with live bait and sinker for many years. Mullet started running just about the time I left. My only catch is to be seen here. The delectable Greta Saachie, who was wandering about on the beech, agreed to display my catch to best effect.

The Carolina Coast is everything the Jersey Shore aspired to, but could never be. No wonder so many North easterners have pitched up there.

Washington was its usual hot, hectic self and the heat really interfered with my stay. A lovely friend did her best to entertain but a hot bear is an angry beat and I fled northward with a hangover and a car full of dirty clothes and Carolina sand.

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