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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Obviously the White House and the Navy Department didn't read my last post. If they had, they would have been ready for the yesterday's escape attempt by that captured merchant marine captain. As I foresaw, freedom for him rested in the simple expediant of jumping overboard. All the Navy ship stationed nearby had to do at that point was to open fire on the pirates in the lifeboat. A single burst from the ship's Phalanx 20 millimeter automatic cannon and the small lifeboat and its pirate crew would have ceased to exist. Why was no one waiting by the trigger? While whomever is in charge at the scene dithered or called for instructions, the pirates fired on the hostage and forced him back into the boat.

Perhaps one reason for the Navy's bungling was they're insisted upon anchoring beyond range of the pirate's puny hand held weapons. This timidity in the face of a lilliputian foe speaks to some influence from above. I have no inside knowledge about this, but given that Obama's delegation this matter to Hillary Clinton, I suspect that the first order from her mouth was not to try anything masculine, I mean naval. Negotiation will be the watchword here, and as I mentioned in that last post, our African President may not want to spill any African blood unnecessarily.

As anyone who travels to Washington DC knows, the place is full of Somalis. You can't buy gasoline or get a cab without them. No one knows how many are favorably influenced by Al Shebab, the Somali jehadi movement. We do know that twenty of them returned to their dusty homeland for armed training, and one at least was motivated enough to commit a suicide bombing. So thanks to our open door immigration policy, Obama now must think seriously about Somali acts of "piracy" on K street as well as the Indian Ocean.

But for now, Obama is relying on Big Moma Clinton to face down the bad boys. He's too busy reorganizing our economy.

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