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Friday, March 13, 2009


It appears that I confused one child prodigy with another on my last post. So that's not Ross Douthat's picture below. How was I to know that there were two conservative wunderkinds electrifying the world at the same time? What were the odds?

The real Ross Douthat is not thirteen but a grizzled old man of twenty seven. And like that other prodigy, Matthew Continetti, he seems to have been training for this moment his entire adult life, all seven years of it. Which is to say that he wrote worldly wise commentary as an undergrad at Harvard and has been at it ever since. How proud his English comp instructor must be!

Some may question the Times wisdom in hiring a twenty seven year old to represent the conservative movement on it's pages. But I think the Times is boldly Avant-guard in seeking the perspective of one so unsullied by contact with this greasy old world of ours.

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