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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What to make of the shocking news of Ross Douthat's employment by the New York Times? Admittedly his performance before CPAC was amusing and quite good for a thirteen year old, but really, hiring a child prodigy is too much.

Some research on the boy revealed that he is indeed a prodigy. It seems that he is one of those children who through assiduous attention to their lessons gain admittance to university far in advance of their years. Indeed Douthat attended Harvard, where he succeeded in producing some passable adult level writing for the Crimson. His themes were as you would expect, unexceptional forays on the placid sea of recieved conservative opinion. But then let's take into consideration his tender age. The usual denunciation of the Palestinians, calls for moderation within the conservative fold, all themes guaranteed to elicit the approval of his elders. So, can one so innocent of the gritty adult world fill the shoes of Bill Kristol. Probably, but it's just not moral.

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