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Friday, March 6, 2009


Events are moving swiftly. Last week we were at peace. This week, President Obama's long simmering plan to provoke war with the UK bore fruit in the form of two audacious affronts to the dignity of the Anglo-Saxon race.

First, Obama accepted Prime Minister Brown's offer of a visit. Brown was gulled into believing that Obama was fully allied in Browns audacious plan to unite the world in universal joy. Instead, Obama pretended not to know who Brown was, or at least that's how it seemed.

Second, Obama used the customary exchange of gifts to press home his humiliation offensive. While details are secret, it is thought that the hapless Brown presented the President with several of the crown jewels, the stone of scone and the remains of Shakespeare. The President reciprocated with a plastic toy helicopter and some DVD's from the White House gift shop. The President added further insult by leaking the whole thing to the press before the stupefied Brown could escape the country.

Finally, The President ordered the CIA to smuggle the name of Ted Kennedy onto this years honors list. No doubt Obama calculates that the presence of a notorious Irish-American drunkard and IRA tool as a candidate for honorary knighthood will push the Queen over the edge.

Where this calculated campaign of abuse will end no one knows. But the intent is clear. Perhaps our President hopes to distract the American public from the impending depression. Sources on deep background report that the President my be under the impression that Great Britain is still in possession of vast amounts of gold to be captured. I would not want to be the one to inform him that none other than Gordon Brown sold most of it off for a fraction of its present value years ago.


  1. In my way of thinking it is as likely that the British Labour government themselves are behind the Kennedy honour - believe me, snubbing these treacherous leftists who have brought my country to its knees is not snubbing my country. The damage has been done a long time ago, my friend. Another Ted - Ted Heath - a 'Conservative' Prime Minister (in fact a pathetically obvious communist who made no secret of his reverence for Red China) struck the blow back in 1975 when he took us into the then EEC. Not that we had any choice, as the Labour and Liberal leaders of the time (Wilson, Grimond, Thorpe) all had the same agenda. All four went to Oxford too.
    Funny, that.

    All the best


  2. Guy, I remember pictures of bloated Ted aboard his sailboat years ago and thinking, "This fellow doesn't look like someone I'd follow into battle." He made himself a nuisance to Margaret Thatcher as I recall. He passed on a few years ago I believe.

    I've always believed that the UK gets the short end of the stick out of the "special relationship." Unlike many Americans, I see the faults as well as the gifts of Churchill. But his desire to see a real solidarity pact among all the English speaking nations was a good and sound one. As our nations lose their ethnic and cultural coherence it may be too late to revive this idea.

    BTW, I've been reading British publications for so many years that sometimes I think I have a better grasp of what's happening there than here. I'm still subscribed to the Spectator, the Telegraph, the Times, and The Salisbury Review. I'm also on a personal crusade to get all my friends to rely on the TLS instead of that awful New York Times Book Review Section. The writing is so much better in all of the above than in their US equivalents. I am sorry to see the "dumbing down" in the Times and Speccie of late.