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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Idly scanning the morning's news I thought I saw a headline about the "Sisyphus Bill" which of course I took to mean the stimulus bill. What a wonderfully telling nickname for that immense bolus of debt that generations of Americans will have to roll up hill until far into the future! My delight turned to gloom when the story actually dealt with one Syphilis Phil the mascot for the Government's anti-STD efforts. It seems Syphilis Phil is the living embodiment of the Syphilis canker. The story was complete with a photo a little rubber Phil toy. This may be the most idiotic thing ever produced by our, or any, government in all of recorded History. Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps the way to prevent the spread of venereal disease is to create a rubber toy representing a pustule, and make it cute.

I'm sure it's not Phil's fault that the our war on VD is every bit the success that our wars on poverty and drugs are. And why are there no rubber Osama squeezy toys?

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