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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well the suckers, I mean voters, have gotten their change and of course it's no change at all. It never is.

Our agent of change, who had so much to say during the campaign has little to say now. But his cabinet choices speak for him most eloquently. Can it really be that our multicultural messiah intends to choose a collection of Clinton retreads as his apostles? How will he create the cathedral of kumbiya of such greasy timber?

The Boy King's pattern is now emerging. After half a lifetime of observing society as a multicultural curiosity, he has learned how to create just that illusion most likely to get him what he wants. But now that he is President there need be no illusion. So he sits back and watches while others act. I suspect that this is his preferred method of operation. He will observe until the most agreeable and successful course of action becomes apparent, or someone makes a mistake. Then he, the mulatto avenger will emerge to offer his leadership.

This is how he campaigned and I think it is how he will "lead." He campaigned on no concrete plan that could be attacked, while fielding a continuous critique of his opponents. The only thing to attack was himself and that is impossible because to do so is to engage in racism. A very neat trick, that.

This will be an administration of efficient operators in the service of the Obama mystique. Obama will speak platitudes while lurking in the background. This will not be an administration of collegiality. Obama has a history of adopting, using and discarding people he needs. I suspect that there will be a fair amount of turnover as operatives who fail to make Obama look good are shown the door. Obama has a few close personal associates from his days as a Chicago machine politician acting as his trusted watchdogs. If he is betrayed it will be by one of these, or perhaps a disgruntled Clintonite. As the real Messiah knew but Obama may not, It's always your apostles that give you the big kiss off.

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