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Saturday, October 18, 2008


I can't help anticipating the coming age of Obama with a certain glee.
With the government totally in the hands of people who really believe in the labor theory of value, a golden age of Conservative writing awaits. They may bankrupt the country and invite in the barbarian hordes but for the first time in eight years no one claiming to be a Conservative will be to blame for the mess. And it will not be us. Now, all the insanity will be emanating from one undeniable source. We will no longer have to explain to friends that what they thought were the Conservative policies of their country are just the delusional flailings of a reformed alcoholic and his neocon henchmen.

The Age of Obama will be free of all that. Our hands will be clean. When he invades some hell hole to rescue his distant relatives from each other, we can point out to the country that that's what comes from an affirmative action president. When he taxes the economy into paralysis we can remind them of the same. Indeed, we can just say the same thing for the next four years confident that Obama will be making our case for us. All of those who define themselves as non-white, non-Christian, non-traditional, non-western, etc. will have a free hand to show us their works. And we who remember our past will have nothing better to do but to expose, and oppose, to their discomfort.

In short, the statute of limitations will finally run out on White Western Guilt. Before Obama is through, the majority population of our republic will finally have had enough of Kumbiya. The cosmopolitan elite and the parasite classes will have had their chance to really show us what they are, and we will have our last chance to take the country back.

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