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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Obama shares his deep thoughts on Sixty Minutes tonight regarding the Wall Street Fiasco. I couldn't resist an opportunity to sample the great man's genius. I'm fascinated by this man running for the highest office in the land, but incapable of speaking in specifics about what he will do. His campaign so far consists entirely of the language of aspiration. He speaks endlessly of goals and imperatives but feels no need to enlighten us as to exactly how he intends to make any of it happen. We're meant to be so overwhelmed by the marvelous story of his life that we can take his abilities and promises on faith you see. If you don't take him at his every word well, you just might be a racist or something.

He did let one thing slip. Regarding the fiscal crisis, he did lumped together investors with the Wall Street hipsters who misled them. So if your 401 K is in trouble, or you were innocent enough to invest in stocks and or bonds on your own, bailout for you! He really does seem to dislike people who actually invest in things. He does say that the "Middle Class" people who are the victims of this crisis, need government relief . That's jive for "The brothers who got all those mortgages with credit ratings just above room temperature need another dose of your money, honky." Of course that's a free translation. Like the Candidate himself, I don't speak any foreign languages.* Seriously, he thinks "Investors" are to be distinguished from "Tax Payers." His words not mine. So he may really be the neo-Marxian nitwit Hannety & Co. says he is. One of the Clinton retreads he claims as his economic brain trust should clue him in to the fact that there are a lot of lower middle class Black folks with investments including stock options and 401K's. I know, I, unlike his team, I talk to them every day.

* So, what happened to the language requirement at his Ivy League School? And of course while the great man doesn't like mentioning it, he also attended prep School in Hawaii. No language requirement there as well? Ah well, Rutgers and for that matter my silly little high school had a language requirement. I suppose this is just another example of The Man making things difficult for our dusky hero and his amazing and inspiring life.

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