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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Surviving passengers remember a little lurch and the sound of metal rending, then, nothing for a long while. So it was with the Titanic, so it is with us. The damage is done but the effect can take time. For instance, I work for a very large financial institution recently acquired by an even larger one. We all know now that something is coming, and it's not the Easter Bunny.

I have lived to see a Republican President nationalizing banks and insurance companies. If the government manages them with twice the skill they use at the Post Office we will be reduced to barter and possibly cannibalism within the decade. Fortunately, I collect things and I'm a good shot.

So it is with our economy in general I think. We are trusting the same clowns who dropped us off on queer street to buying up all the bad dept they created , and do it with taxpayer money. We will have tremendous deficits for years to come. This will induce the printing of more money. Who cares if it's worth less and less? I seem to remember this film from the Seventies'. It did wonders for my dear old dad's Railroad Retirement Pension. Fortunately he never drove so there were no messy car repossessions.

But that's the morbid view. On the positive side, we won't be going on any fun foreign adventures, like liberating Russia from the Russians, or bombing Iran for the Israelis. The Chinese won't lend us the money to buy ammunition from the Israelis to shoot at the Russians/Iranians. Just think, the world will have to police itself for a while.

With America on the bum, all those eager Indians will pass on Bill Gates H1B Visas. Who knows? Those earnest young American geeks who took computer courses in our county colleges will get jobs now. But there's a catch. If we really do go in the tank, all those Mexicans will return home with their inflated dollars. Then, if the geeks have actual jobs, who'll do the nations dishes? This may be a career opportunity for me. You see I have a pension based on 2002 Dollars.

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