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Monday, August 25, 2008


I won't dwell on Senator Kennedy's much diminished presence, evidenced in his speech. He is fighting a brain tumor and it can't have been easy to make it to Denver at all.

Ken Burns on the other hand has no excuse. What possessed this tiny elfin pinko to select an ocean motif in a tribute to a man known to have drowned a woman?

It is also a bit odd that apart from Teddy's latest wife, only John Kerry and the ever inarticulate Senator Lewis appear doing voice-overs. Where were the other lions of the Senate? It would have been touching for former President Carter to put their long standing feud aside to pay his tribute. Maybe they were striving for some different effect. Apart from the bad taste involved, Burns' effort seemed imperfect and hastily put together.

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  1. Not to defend Carter's failure to set aside their long-standing feud (I personally believe he is incapable of being anything other than petty), but it would have been a bit difficult for anyone, given the Kennedy regurgitation in his speech of the "dream" theme line from his primary fight against Carter.

    That reference immediately triggered more bad memories, not just with Carter, but to many others . . . yet another of those ill-conceived Democrat references to their amply inglorious past. Having immensely pleased me, I figured it had to be viewed with dismay by many Democrats!

    As it was, back in 1980 BOTH Kennedy (who simply could not articulate a reason to be running for the Presidency), and Carter (who had overseen the dismantling of the economy), unquestionably were THE two biggest losers of that year.

    Why remind voters of THAT? And especially at your convention!!??

    Hmmmm . . . I think I may write and thank them.