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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Since I don't get the Comedy Channel I'm forced to rely on CSPAN for my daily dose of buffoonery. Today's was provided by Senator Leahy and his committee during their long, nitpicking, inquisition of Attorney General Mukasey. Most of it was taken up with the usual Democrat obsessions, terrorist abuse, missing memo's, the usual. They're incensed at the President's failure to govern they way they wish, instead of the way he promised he would to the voters. Since he does neither, I wonder why they bother. Mukasey defended himself with all the vigor one expects from a man chosen entirely for his inoffensiveness. So I got my cheap amusement watching what looked like a gaggle of retarded children beating a rubber pinata. The pinata never breaks and the toys never fall but the little tormentors just can't stop themselves.

Then, speaking on a personal note, Leahey implored Mukasey to personally overturn an immigration judge's ruling denying a Muslim woman asylum in our country over the issue of female genital mutilation. The woman in question had already been mutilated when she showed up, so the judge found against her. This seems a reasonable if unsentimental ruling to me.

Mukasey is just sitting out the clock and not inclined to make any unpleasantness this late in the administration. So he agreed to "look at it." Still it would have been hilarious if Mukasey had pointed out that Leahey's wish would grant de facto citizenship to every baby girl in vast Muslim areas of the planet. O dear! And aren't they the Religion of Peace? Forced to face the implication his own pandering, Leahy's sputtering, blushing performance would have been a thing of wonder.

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