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Monday, June 23, 2008


Today, I add my voice to those condemning Robert Mugabe and his ruthless regime. And why not? It makes me feel good and costs me nothing. It's a meaningless squeak, just like those emitted by the worlds governments and NGO's. Like the government of Great Britain and the United States, I have no intention of doing anything about Mr. Mugabe. The sad fact is that no one intends to stir an inch to save the lives and fortunes of the remaining White farmers or the poor Africans suffering the return to barbarism of that sad country. And no one will be any more energetic in defense of the Whites of South Africa when that country too collapses.

There seems to be a curious reversal of populations afoot. While Europe and the rest of the formerly white world is being colonized by dark, third world populations, white minorities around the world are open to anything visited upon them by their new dark overlords. If as Mugabe insists, the White Farmers are the legacy of colonialism, has the former colonial power no interest in their welfare? The complete indifference bordering on hostility of Great Britain to it's former kith and kin is breathtaking. It's as if the ghost of Hitler has so unnerved the West that any attempt to support the rights of people of our own stock is in itself a form of thought crime.

Oh dear, I forgot, in the UK now it IS a thought crime.

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  1. As some of us recall, Jimmy Carter saved Robert Mugabe from oblivion when he sought to rally world opinion to insist on declaring the national election there "null and void" way back in 1979 or 1980.

    Mugabe's group of violent Marxists had been frozen out of the race until Carter stuck his nose into it. In the new election, Mugabe and his thugs won and the rest is history -- a time trail of tears and blood ever since. Of course, Jimmy refuses to this day to publicly acknowledge the extent of his role in foisting the "success" of that horrid man on the world.

    And Mugabe was not the only vicious thug who Carter got behind in his singularly destructive Presidential term in office in the late 1970s.

    Gateway Pundit offers the short list of the 10 worst of Jimmy's special pals.