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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Like many politico's I've thought that Governor Richardson would be a good choice for Obama's running mate. He has a resume', a tendency toward candor and can be a pragmatist. It doesn't hurt that he is a Hispanic of sorts.

So it was interesting to see him on the tube today advertising the Democrats total bankruptcy on energy matters. He was clearly uncomfortable and could only respond to Wolfe Blitzers Energy questions with attacks on the outgoing administration. Blitzer asked him about drilling offshore and at Anwar. Definitely not. What about Nuclear? Only if we solve the waste problem and if any new plants adhere to strict environmental safeguards. How about building new refineries to increase refining capacity. Only if they can meet all the environmental safeguards. How about that windfall profits tax that Obama wants to slap on oil companies revenues? Good idea, it will make them invest in solar, wind and other touchy-feely phantom sources of energy. It 's a shame that Wolfe didn't have the heart to ask him what revenues the oil companies will have left to use to invest in solar after they pay that tax. I suspect that Richardson's look of discomfort bordering on panic made him pull his punch at this point.

We all know what "meet environmental safeguards" means. It means NO. The environmental lobby with its millions of scientifically illiterate supporters are such a pillar of the Democrat coalition that anything that offends them in the least simply cannot be discussed. They are the new cult of Gaea, the earth mother who substitutes for religion in the brains of the masses of asses who keep the Democratic party alive.

We are facing a crisis that only clear decision making can address, but for the Democrats no decision is acceptable. Even many environmental enthusiasts admit that atomic energy is a responsible and practical source of energy. But for Democrats with no understanding of physics, "Atomic" means "Bomb" and no rational argument can shake them of their phobia. Drilling must not happen because it pokes a whole in mother earth. We must not mine coal and turn it into liquid fuel because it releases greenhouse gasses, and so on.

Now adults know that some things may need to change. We need to start expanding our energy options beyond out dependence on uncertain sources like foreign oil. We may well need to start using more solar and wind. but all these options involve building things, taking chances, and in one way or another manipulating nature.

If McCain hopes to become President he needs to expose the childish and irresponsible attitude of the Democrats toward what needs to be done. And he needs to start advocating things that will work in the short, as well as the long term to get our oil/energy dependent economy back on the rails.

One thing he can do is to solve the Yucca mountain nuclear fuel storage impasse with one stroke of his pen. The United States owns several remote islands in the Pacific where spent nuclear fuel rods can be stored. That solves the the Nuclear argument. He can also approve a collaboration between DARPA and both the auto industry and the energy sector for greater energy efficiency.

I'm sure there are many more things that can make a difference. But putting a pinch of incense on Gaea's alter over Anwar as McCain did this week Isn't one of them.

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