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Sunday, June 8, 2008


"Born with the gift of laughter and the sense that the world is mad," that's how Rafael Sabatini's hero, Caramouche is described. For no known reason, this sentence, that I've always loved, came to my mind as it floated up from a pool of dreams this morning. The question I asked myself was, with such knowledge, how could Scaramouche laugh? Surely the beginning of the novel, with it's depiction of the murder of his best friend, wasn't the stuff of comedy.

Such thoughts came naturally this week considering events. What can you say when within one week we witness the prosecution of Brigitte Bardot, all three presidential candidates swearing allegiance to a foreign power, and a woman turned man, pregnant on TV?

Brigitte Bardot is a little dotty about animals and takes offense at the animal sacrifice practices of the hordes of Muslims who have settled in France. She said so and that being the new Europe she was prosecuted for "inciting hatred." She objects to the Muslims slaughter of sheep, or goats, or their wives, I'm not sure which, during the celebration of Eid. This isn't the first time she has been fined for voicing her opinion about the barbarous practices of the religion of peace. Perhaps she will defect to our country, citing well founded fears of persecution of her beliefs. She's 71 now and not the sex kitten she once was but I would welcome her never the less.

Barak Obama, John McCain and Hillary Clinton all promised to put the interests of the American Public second to the interests of the Israeli public this week in the all too familiar ritual abasement before AIPAC. My fellow citizens seem to think this is fine, so who am I to point out that this sort of thing used to be understood as treason? When one of these people raises their hand next year as President, he will swear to defend our Constitution and Republic. I wonder how anyone taking that oath can place the well being of any other country on a par with his own and not see that he is breaking faith? We live in a country where it is no longer understood that when one becomes an American all the old world allegiances drop away. We have become a nation (if that's the word) of Mexicans celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Mic's funding the IRA and Greeks sabotaging our Turkish relations. We are descending into a squabbling collection of petty tribes working on separate agendas. I glade I'm a member of the tribe that can shoot.

The press is making much of the case of a woman who had so called sex change surgery and now is pregnant with her left over female womb. There will always be freaks like this but it's impossible to miss the media's glee in giving us all the details. The spirit of the times elevates the morbidly unnatural over the natural at every turn.

Well I'm sounding a little to much like Cato now, so there is nothing to do but throw my head back and laugh.

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