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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Scott McClellan's book has all tongues wagging, and no wonder. When a former press secretary turns on his president, people take note. I haven't read the book but from the excerpts I heard and read, McClellan is ripping off some very sensitive scabs.

It's difficult to know what to think. He, and all of Bush's press spokesmen save Tony Snow and Dan Boucher, were poor creatures radiating a kind of anti-credibility. Ari Fleischer and the Dana Perino are particularly egregious in this regard. It seems to me that they lacked the gravity and poise to represent anyone, much less a President. When a leader is so poorly spoken as this one is, it behooves him to have a spokesman who can take the rubble of his pronouncements and re-mold them into a vessel that can hold the water of coherence.

I've served in a press capacity for public figures and it's a dog's life. It's the role of such a person to keep "The Boss" looking good no matter how much of a dolt he may be. It's not easy. Lackluster careerists representing a proud fool haven't a chance.

For all that Bush has done, the destruction of the Republican Party, the prosecution of an unjustified war fought under false pretenses, the open expression of disdain for his parties Conservative principles, nothing he has done compares with the cowardice of the Congressional Democrats in not seeking impeachment while every day accusing him of impeachable acts. Even now with less than six months until elections they continue to mutter about what they should have done three years ago. Historians will hold them in low regard for failing to act according to their own words.

Only once in American History has a political party openly renounced a sitting president. Unfortunately that is not the Republican Party and that time is not now.

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