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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Amid all the controversy about climate change it dawned on me that if it weren't for the effects of past climate change we humans wouldn't be worried about climate at all. My layman's understanding suggests that if it weren't for just such changes in African weather, we would still be gibbering our away through the trees with our cousins the chimps. As the lush forest gave way to savanna, our hairy little fore bearers had to evolve the visual and cognitive ability to survive the hotile dry terestrial environment. Our more proximal ancestors left Africa only to find themselves cut off from the old neighborhood by ice ages and warming spells and massive tidal waves. They survived to become us by learning to invent, plan and defer gratification enough to master rather than submit to their circumstances.

So there is something more than a little retrograde about the environmental movement. They would have us go back to the womb of nature. For them Man the Tool Maker is the enemy. For them it is easier for man to control man than for man to face the next challenge. This is the philosophy of the Chimps.

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