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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Word leaked out that Governor Corzine inveighed upon officials in Rome to have the lights in the Colosseum turned on the night the death penalty is repealed. Hmmm. Surely at least one of the Governor's advisers is aware that the ruin of the Colosseum serves as Rome's most favored homosexual trysting place. It's all those nooks and crannies in the dark I suppose. The Governor can't do anything without making a nuisance of himself, if only to the pederasts of Rome.

Governor, please have the decorum to have the lights turned on slowly or with notice. No need to upset the "Gay Community," either here or abroad.

Speaking of the Colosseum, an excellent account of that ruin is in Christopher Woodward's In Ruins.(Random House) Woodward recounts the fascinating history of the building through the dark, medieval and modern eras. At various times it was a settlement, shrine, and quarry. The scene of so many importations in antiquity, it was until the nineteenth century, a kind of wild repository of exotic plants. This was all destroyed when the new Italian State decided to clean it up. Lost too was the martyr's cross and stations of the cross that stood for centuries commemorating all the Christians killed for their faith. It was possible to walk on the very surface of the arena before the archaeologists intervened. They could only explore the sewers of the building by removing the building's historical heart. There's a lesson there somewhere.

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  1. Regarding the Jon Corzine gimmick of flipping on the lights in the Colosseum, they certainly should give the community plenty advance notice, or there will be some quick shuffling and panicky apparel adjustments when the flood lights suddenly and rudely penetrate the hypogeum!

    That could seriously botch the loving video he is no doubt having captured of the "event" -- the one he will no doubt want to play in a split screen political ad during his re-election campaign, the other screen showing him, pen in hand, signing Ambrose and Jesse's Law. I can just see the dew'y eyed Senator Codey in the background.

    The Governor would definitely not want the event to resemble a typical San Francisco street fair.

    So who knows, maybe our chief magistrate is sending former Governor McGreevey over as an emissary to help get the word out to the folks. After all, Jim had a few embarrassing moments in Garden State Parkway rest stops, and would be very sensitive to the need to preserve proper decorum.

    Whatever else, this will definitely give a whole new meaning to the popular warning phrase, "Heads Up, Everybody!"