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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


While on the subject of voting, I came across Anthony Daniels article in the latest Salisbury Review on a possible reform. Like most sensible reforms, it's too late to implement. Daniels reiterates the point made by many over the past few centuries that the gradual extension of the franchise to those who do not pay into the public fisc and those who are payed by the fisc are gradually using their vote to bankrupt the rest of us. I keep forgetting the great Scottish sage's name who first identified this phenomenon. But he was the first to perceive that the fates of all democracies are sealed the moment the commons realize they can vote themselves largess from the pockets of their fellow citizens. We are well past that point in America. People on welfare, along with legions of public school teachers, bureaucrats, battalions of consultants, vendors and lobbyists, who all get to vote themselves a raise every November. They are our new ruling class.

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