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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Drudge reports that a display of flags collapsed on Hillary Clinton yesterday. It appears that she had just finished delivering one of her anodyne and disingenuous pep talks when the very symbol of the Republic fell upon her and several of her harridan acolytes. Now as an Irishman, I strive to put aside the instinct to superstition and I would never try to show a direct link between such an event and netherworldly forces.

The Romans on the other hand would surely have reacted with horror and awe at this portentous spectacle. Auspices would be taken by a Haruspex and a Pontifex summoned for the inevitable purification ritual. Of course these things can be interpreted in different ways. I suspect that if put to the question, Mrs. Clinton might find a soothsayer from say, the Temple of Hera willing to claim that what we witnessed was actually a manifestation of the goddesses concern in an enfolding of Hillary in the flag. But this would not explain the obvious "bonking" on the head of a Hillary harridan by the (all too phallic) staff of the flag. Nor would it square with Hillary's fending off of the flag and hence the goddesses protection. Perhaps Hera, mother of the gods, is an inappropriate patron in this case. As I recall Mr. and Mrs. Clinton's relationship bears some similarity with that of Hera and Zeus. Although, I can't quite remember what it was. It may have something to do with swans.

So let's be honest. It's clear that the gods and the spirits of our ancestors have spoken. I shall make the sign against the evil eye as soon as I finish this and I advise all readers to do likewise.


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  2. Good stuff!

    If you actually listen to the dialogue on the video from that strange moment in Waterloo a few times, the first blurt from Saul Alinsky's protege, really tells the tale.

    After a few folks intoned a panicky, "Oh my God," and "Oh no!," the very first coherent comment Hillary uttered, was a pointed political warning to her followers:

    "Cameras galore here!" she blurted out loud.

    That was followed by a very nervous laugh, "Ah ... heh!" from one of her advance folks.

    Only then did she offer a little gentle direction, as she grasped for "command" of the situation.

    "Get our flags back up here, guys . . ." she said, as her entire senior campaign staff fumbled around with them, before finally getting them to barely stand. Tripping around, flags all in a tangle as they grasped to get them upright, they actually looked like they were performing some sort of oafish version of a schottische dance!

    Then once they finally got the flags upright -- barely -- did she announce the obvious cause:

    "I don't think . . . I think that the bases are not weighted enough . . ."

    Uh huh . . . You can say that again, Hillary!

    "I don't think . . . I think that the bases are not weighted enough . . ."

    Hmmmmm . . . the following would be my guess.

    Made in China.

    At that point, they all beat a hasty exit, stage rear behind the Presidential blue curtain!

    Wouldn't you love to have heard the stridulation that came pouring out back there?

    Well . . . maybe not.

    It might have been worse than waterboarding. You can bet some poor sole wore that one, bigtime!

  3. Ooops . . . that would be soul, not sole, though I suppose I could claim that I had intended the double entendre to suggest that the Clinton flunky was a "fish" of sorts.