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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Farewell to Ian Smith who died yesterday at eighty-eight. Scorned by the right thinking world, he reportedly found comforted in his old age as his predictions of disaster played out one by one in his native Rhodesia. He was a tough crab left stranded by the receding tide of empire. As such he defended his shrinking pool far longer than any thought possible. Of course Zimbabwe is today a total horror as he predicted. He flew spitfires in the RAF during World War Two and believed in the Empire.

It's interesting to note that for all the agonizing we are call on to do for Darfur, no one suggests that anything be done for the white farmers of Zimbabwe. As in the case of Cambodia those who spoke out the loudest to make this calamity happen feel no sense of shame or responsibility for the results of their actions. When South Africa falls into the same state Zimbabwe is in now, it will be broadcast as the Afrikaners fault as today it is Smith's.

The simple observation that certain peoples and ways of life are incompatible with each other is in order here. Sadly but our political/cultural masters forbid it.

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