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Friday, September 7, 2018


Just caught Herbert Hoover's granddaughter on PBS interviewing J.D. Greer, head of the Southern Baptist Convention. It was the kind of interview given to UFO believers or other dubious cranks. So what's happening here?  Now that the memory of Bill Buckley is receding from memory, the little pink people at PBS decided to resurrect his old show Firing Line.  Only this time, they substitute Hoover's fatuous GOP establishment geisha for Buckley's acerbic provocateur.  One needn't know Hoover's history or the original show to see immediately just how bogus any conservative connection is.  Hoover, who is a "Gay rights activist" and "Feminist"* and need I say, a former Bush II White House drone. She put one tendentious question after another to Pastor Greer as though the Baptists are some disreputable new cult whose bizarre beliefs need to be challenged before they catch on.  I think CNN has their own click-bate pseudo conservative hottie working the same patch called, C.C. Cupp. She looks much better than Hoover as well.


Remember, this is PBS's "Conservative" show. It runs on Friday evening so one can catch it right after you take in the wisdom of another house "Conservative" pundit David Brooks.  Brooks is one of the New York Times' house conservatives, meaning he is no conservative at all.  He is also a neocon Never Trumper and all around crypto-Israeli.  Yet he identifies as a conservative because he works for the Times and the only organized "Conservatives" are non-conservative Neo's with their own ties and alien allegiances.

We actual conservatives let this happen.  We don't build, fund and support our own institutions.  We offend the Capitalists we defend so much they won't give us a dime.  So our enemies and imposters can actually impersonate us in our own country.

Obviously, we need a Pope!  Well, OK, not an actual pope, but is it beyond the wit of man to at least call out the phonies getting rich impersonating us?

* Simple Google search.  She lays it all out there.   

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