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Thursday, July 20, 2017


In some sort of cosmic convergence, news of the last three White Rhinos imminent extinction and John McCain's possible extinction from brain cancer came at a single news cycle.   Ghoulish expressions of glee broke out immediately, especially by obscure internet sites previously unknown to me.  

Pardon me for not joining in.

The US Senate will be a better place for John McCains absence.  The United States or humanity at large will not be, if cancer destroys the person, John McCain.  

Whatever McCain is, he is not a monster.  When I say monster I mean someone like Lenin, who oversaw the murder of millions and took glee in doing so.  It is fair comment to wish that the young woman who shot Lenin in the head had better aim or a bigger revolver.  That would be, in old time police parlance a, "Community service homicide."  Some criminals are such a scourge to society, particularly their own immediate community, that it is impossible to ignore the good of their extinction in light of the provocations bringing it about and the subsequent peace and quiet.   

John McCain is an elected official in our still somewhat free republic and rooting for a cancer taking his life is deranged.  He stands against a lot of what I believe in and is a scourge and a stumbling block to patriotic immigration activism.  But rooting for the cancer eating his brain shows a savage, low mindset.  Wishing your political opponents dead by any at all means is the very stuff of totalitarianism and is indicative of the mentality of those we wish to keep off our shores.  

I write a lot of uncharitable stuff about what I see as bad people and bad causes.  I enjoy pricking the humbug bubble of political correctness in the spirit of Auberon Waugh and others. 

I sincerely hope that I will never slip into mindless destructive glee.  It's beneath me and I hope, us. 

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