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Thursday, June 29, 2017


MSNBC just fired the inestimable Greta Van Susteren.  As is usually the case, no one will speak honestly about motives/reasons.  I assume that Greta is bound by some contract clause to speak no ill in exchange for whatever also works for her.

I didn't watch Greta's show for the same reason that I don't go to good restaurants in crappy neighborhoods. Except that is, for last night.  I sat through last nights show and was impressed.  She was delivered a fact driven, no nonsense show that never descended into the smirking, childish posturing that is now MSNBC hallmark.  Indeed I got the impression that she was singularly intolerant of anything but straight reporting.

I can't say she is being replaced by......let's say that some nonentity name Ari Melber is filling her time slot.  He is one of many small creatures who's only existence depends on the children's crusade to undo the election of 2016.  He will pass into obscurity in short order.    

MSNBC clearly has no use for even the pretense of professionalism.  Greta deserves better and we can only hope she is allow to do her job in a decent and appreciative venue.   

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