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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Hapless Sean Spicer offended the holocaust industry and all its affiliates a few days ago. He daring to make a Hitler comparison with Assad.  Poor Shaun should have know better.  All mention of Hitler and his deeds must be submitted in advance to aaah,...whomever stands in for the Sanhedrin these days.  Hitler is no longer a historical personage about whom debate or even allusion can be tolerated.  He is all but a registered trademark of the Jewish Guilt Assignment Corporation.  JGAC They and only they decide what can and cannot be be said about Hitler, and woe unto he who dares opine without their imprimatur.  Not sure how this obtained, but you get to find out when you transgress.  That is I suppose, the point.  It's better to avoid sacred ground patrolled by self serving zealots. 

It is important here to emphasize that at no point did Spicer deny the holocaust.  He simply said that Hitler, unlike Assad, did not use poison gas against his own population.  He said this in the context of the recent alleged use of Sarin gas via bombardment on the battle field.  It takes an idiot or someone intent on picking a quarrel to conflate this open military use of gas munitions in the field with what went on in Nazi death camps.  

If the use of poison gas was a crime in and of itself, surely the State of California would stand in the same dock as the Nazis.  Remember the gas chamber in San Quentin?  

No, gas is not at issue here.  It is the manner and legal justification in which it is employed that is at issue.  California used cyanide gas in the lawful execution of criminals.  The Nazis were never believers in law as such and operated according to the Fuhrer Prinzip.  Whatever Hitler thought best was done, with or without citation of law  So the murder of about twelve million persons in the camps had nothing to do with law as we know it. The Third Reich had no written constitution.  

Assad stands accused of employing poison gas munitions in an act of war.  Hitler never did this, period.  The fact that he used poison gas as a means to execute persons already under his control is as irrelevant to the case at hand. 

The people up in arms know this perfectly well. They are just marking their territory.  Wielding holocaust guilt is a powerful weapon to be guarded jealously, especially against Republicans, old school Americans and anyone not benefiting from the perpetuation of this weaponization of historic memory.  Whether employing the memory of your dead for crass political/social advantage is honorable or tasteful is another matter.  

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