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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Well that was refreshing.  I must credit myself a bit here.  As a person with a political background I'm used to being pressed for election predictions.  Did I predict yesterdays outcome.  Not precisely.  I did however maintain that something was going on beneath the surface of the electoral lake.  I did so on election night just before the first rickety projections.  

I overheard too many pro-Trump quips from seemingly random apolitical citizens.  I knew too many once anti-Trump Republicans who came to fierce Trump loyalty.  I saw too many knowing looks on the faces of people who had just had enough.  Everyone noticed that Trump rallies were like the sermon on the mount while Hillary's were like a mixed freak show  and funeral directors convention.  I also noticed two things that flew in the face of the narrative.  For all the odium directed at Trump, his lawn signs were more numerous and  planted on the lawns of prosperous homes.  Finally, I knew a lot of local Trump supporters and not a single one of them fit the profile of uneducated white bumpkin. There were numerous other early temblors hinting at the impending Trumpquake.'

I stayed up late enough to see the result through.   I celebrated by tossing some firecrackers off the patio and proceeded to get a good nights sleep.

My explanation for all this?  Just like Steve Sailor, I think the white population came home to the GOP.  Why?  Because for once a genuine nationalist sounding candidate got to the head of the ticket.  The folks in flyover country,  have understood that the Democrats despise them only just a bit more than the Republicans.  This accounts for the stiffs the GOP foisted on their loyal voters for a long while.   (I include both Bush's of course).  The percentage of white voters who are willing to come out to vote for a GOP that betrays them kept shrinking.  This time they had a candidate who appealed to them.  It's that simple.  Seventy percent of the voting electorate is white.  

The reluctance of those polled to lie about their choice to avoid the sin of  political incorrectness is being discussed. No one is denying this time. Clearly a great many people knew who they were "supposed" to vote for.  And just as clearly they voted with the middle finger toward the elite.  

Another matter that I sense without being able to quantify is the beginnings of a cadre of Hispanic voters for Trump is not for the GOP.  I sense that Hispanic veterans and Hispanics in general who have been in the country for a while are assimilated enough to take a patriot/nationalist turn.  We'll see if this is just my hallucination.  

Finally, it's fun to watch Chas. Blow and the other professional blacksplainers lose their composure on CNN and and MSNBC. These characters are so used to presenting their wounded blackness as the universal answer to all questions that they can't adjust to the mere loss of an election.  It will be interesting to see how the whole lefty press negotiates the next four years.  

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