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Friday, August 19, 2016


John Mc Loughlin left us this week and his show departs with him.   I, and most of us who came through the conservative movement of the late 20th Century  will miss him and the show very much.  Don't expect anything like it to come a long soon; not in our dumbed down bought off political culture.  The show had a particular resonance for conservative Catholics  of the old school.  This set it apart from the neoconservative pap passing as conservatism today.  Let's reflect that the show started and remained on Public Television.  They won't make that mistake again. 

The show had a rough and tumble air with such as Jack Germond and other professional journalists of the 80's.   They were print journalists who had paid their dues, drank and had less time for guff.  Guests were cast for strong personalities and equally strong political attachments.  The mythological spirit of journalistic objectivity was never a household god on John's show.  We all can thank John for keeping Pat Buchanan before the public eye as a living saint of the old paleoconservative faith.  John's church even had its own gargoyle in form of Eleanor Clift, the shrieking embodiment left wing womanhood. 

Later, characters like Morton Zuckerman appeared.  If less honest, they were at least well informed, with their agendas obvious.  

I  think John McLoughlin  may have past into history at just the right time.  He gave the awful Tom Rogan, loathsome National Review ex-Brit Neocon authority in putting episodes together.  In due time, the show would have descended into  another outlet for crypto-zionist agitprop.  With John's passing the show dies a clean death to be enjoyed in our memories.  God bless you John. 

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