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Sunday, July 10, 2016


This is a comment I left on Lihn Dhin's article at the Unz Review on "Race War".  Dinh makes the commonplace observation that unfettered Third World immigration hurts the black underclass.  He also points out that the Democratic Party blacks vote for in virtual lockstep is very much the architect (along with the cheap labor GOP) of their displacement in the available workforce.
Lind Dinh:  “How ironic, then, that blacks are loyal to a Democratic Party that has robbed them of employment and dignity. Liberal immigration policies harm blacks more than anybody.”
 Me: I’ve heard blacks speaking of this directly. What they say comes down to this; blacks expect inclusion into government work as a reparation for all the scutwork they’ve done in the past . I’ve heard this from black government workers specifically. “we won’t do that menial stuff anymore.”
This is why they are passive in the face of mass latino immigration. They naively assume that the latinos will always be on the bottom, collecting the garbage and washing dishes. I think this also hinges on the idea that blacks, as part of the left coalition of aggrieved fringes, will always have the clout to keep getting government employment in an ever expanding administrative state. In this way their strength is in their weakness. As long as they are poor, and concentrated in large urban voting blocks, they will always have a relatively free ride. This is a fool’s paradise but they cling to it with surprising tenacity.
I've noted over the years the degree to which blacks I've known who occupy positions within  government have peculiar notions about the role of productivity and competitiveness. Even at high levels they truly believe that wealth and advancement are allocated rather than generated or earned. It’s as though once hired and in place, the organization they inhabit becomes the whole bountiful universe. This makes them a particularly disruptive element in our overall system. They live to advance within systems they don’t understand. Given the chance, they will run things to ruin as long as they profit personally. When ruin arrives, they refuse to see their own part in bring it about. At this point the white power structure – the dispenser of all good things, must be to blame.
As I write this, I realize that I am describing President Obama, Colin Powell, and a great many other blacks who show great skill at rising inside systems while at the same time destroying them.

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