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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The following is my comment on UNZ Review to Phil Giraldi's excellent article on Trump's foreign address.

To hypothesize about Donald Trump's foreign policy agenda is what we all have to do as citizens facing an election.  Without the requisite mind reading machinery we are thrown back on what The Donald talks about most,  domestic economics and the effect foreign trade agreements have on same.  He appears to be a pragmatic nationalist with little investment in the status quo.  One suspects that in some cases he will veer from conservative  orthodoxy in order to get what he thinks is the best deal for the greatest number.  He has a refreshing tendency to speak of our "allies" and "trading partners" as consenting adults in a healthy competition; a much more rational approach than we are used to. 

Naturally this frightens all those parties whose rice bowl is filled by the status quo. Lets ber honest, if Trump had the mannerisms of a Harvey Mansfield he would still be called a dangerous nut.   Too many factions in American life depend on the repression of any healthy nationalist sentiment.  When these factions win, ordinary Americans lose. It must count for something that  both the Neocons and the internationalist economic parasites are his declared enemies.  Neocon antipathy to Trump is particularly revealing as it is a tacit admission that what is good for America  is bad for Israel.    

Donald Trump's personality is a legitimate cause for concern; but we must choose between a problematic new actor in the White House and a veteran operative among the wreckers of our prosperity and way of life.  What Trump might do vs what Hillary and company will do if given the chance.  

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