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Sunday, March 27, 2016


The airwaves and net vibrate with a tabloid story that Ted Cruz may have multiple trysts in his past.   The manner in which the story is constructed looks like it has some sort of substance.  I have no inside information on this God knows.

Isn't it remarkable that Cruz has a lasciviously human side? 

I had my doubts that Cruz was fully human until now.  His android personal affect, his Guy Fawkes mask of a face and his scripted robotic delivery, all pointed to a completely artificial life form of some kind.  I admit that he raised the hair on the back of my neck.  He seemed to me like that odd guy who gust sitting alone at the end of the subway car, makes all else on the car anxious.  

Knowing him to be human enough to want to shag on the side may be his one recognizably human trait.  But can we actually visualize him in rapturous adultery?  It's hard.  I have visions of say, octopi in some silent, alien reproductive transaction, deep, cold and far from the sun-warmed surface where life as we know it plays. 

It's also tiresome to see the secret mistress expose' play out.  Monogamy is not our natural state and high status males are biologically driven by our simian ancestry to seek mating with all the available females in their orbit.  Our post Christian age undermines monogamy at every turn while still retaining the option to feign outrage.  

On the other hand, if Cruz's Mistresses were coupling with him out of a perverted desire to do so with a robot, that would be really, really kinky. 

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