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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


If I were to compose this with a pen I would be at a loss.  The President’s state of his ego message would defeat any pen known to man.  Only a pitchfork would do.

If I heard him correctly, the President claimed that Russia is propping up Ukraine as a “Puppet state.”   As that noted philosopher, Dirty Harry once said….”Say what!”  I thought Ukraine was a state we back, fighting for its independence from Russia. 

The rest of his pitch seems to be his usual jive talk about his fictive achievements.  Some of the more obvious lies or at least whoppers are below.

1.     Obama made much of the crushing debt college students now endure to achieve a degree.  This is hilarious.  Seven years in office by the first academic president since Wilson and he acts as though he was not part of this very problem.  Obama would be selling shoes today if he hadn’t found a home in a bloated, unpatriotic academe.  His part of the American establishment beggared a generation.  Now that he will not be able to do anything about his fellow academics disgraceful rapacity he is on a crusade.

2.     Obama downplays the threat of ISIS and domestic Islamic terrorism while demanding that the rest of us speak softly around Muslims both here and overseas.

3.     Obama rather slyly conflated his laudatory language about the need for innovation with equally laudatory language about immigration and importation of foreign interlopers who steal American jobs.  Make no mistake about it; Zuckerberg and his fellow cyber-hipsters have bought his support for unlimited American worker replacement via the H1B and other programs.  Out of one side of his mouth he talks about the need to train young Americans in STEM fields and out of the other he wants to import more and more Indians and Chinese to supplant them.  Even for an American politician this is despicable.
4.     Along with Bill Clinton, this President clearly doesn’t feel the need to confine himself lies of the plausible kind.  He (Obama) is the Big Man, that is, the President.  Therefore anything he says we are to believe.  If we don’t we are not being all that we can be and are probably racist to boot.  All to many of us are unequal to the challenge of seeing him for not that slick, not that bright, affirmative action case that he is.

OH, Nikki Hailey is delivering the GOP response.  She is all over the Indian immigrant success story.  Yup, the GOP idiots are trying to out diverse the Democrat diversocrat’ machine.  They never learn.  She is bragging about her rejection of her states Dixie flag while pledging her loyalty to Israel.  Like the party of yore she is saying me too!  Me too!  Truly, the GOP is a pointless entity. 

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