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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It's early in the coverage of the San Bernardino shoot-up.  FOX is running with the Middle East angle.  I have know idea.  If so this must come as a deep disappointment to our President Barrack Hussain Obama.  He just got through attributing the incident to the presence of firearms among us, not to the presence of feral Muslim yahoos admitted to our country by such as he.

If this is the latest Muslim atrocity we need to take stock and understand that they are doing us a service, albeit an unconscious one.  As the Derb says, "narrative collapse."  As awful as these things are, we are lucky the the sons of the desert keep reminding us, beyond the power of the media and our disloyal elite to deny that they are incompatible with civilized life.    There is no getting along with them, period. So keep up the good work rag heads, we may be able to get rid of you yet.  

Now for some irresponsible speculation.

Early reporting suggests that the victims were local county employees having some sort of Christmas party.  Seems dubious to me given that this is only the second of the month.  Could it be that they were celebrating something that drove the the muzzies beyond their very limited endurance?  There is a report of someone taking their leave in a huff, and returning with his/her armed posse.   Hanukkah is Saturday I believe.  

The building is dedicated to services for the mentally ill.  Perhaps some passage condemning mental health has been found in one of the more obscure passages of the Koran.   

OK, FOX is reporting that it was indeed a Christmas party.  If so, this will clearly take the cake in Vdare's reportage of the WAR ON CHRISTMAS.


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