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Monday, September 21, 2015


Obama’s spokesperson fell all over himself today trying to make sense of our policy toward boy abuse by Afghans.  It seems that for the sake of cultural sensitivity, our soldiers and trainers have turned a blind eye to the rape of boys by our savage Muslim allies.  This is actually an old story.  Everyone with even a slight acquaintance with Afghans knows that this goes on.  Men are regularly “Entertained” by dancing boys made up like females. 

We accept this practice as just another rich Islamic cultural tradition among many.  We are called upon to respect it as a whole. 

How does that play out when we accept Afghan refugees?  Who has that delicate conversation with them, and at what point?  John Kerry just said that we would be accepting more refugees from the current flood. Many of these are Afghans traveling with false papers as Syrians. 

Are we are about to welcome a whole new wave of unselfconscious child molesters for the sake of diversity?  It appears so. 


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