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Thursday, August 20, 2015


This, via AFP yesterday    As usual, if we want to know what our poor beleaguered "Ally,"  t Israel is doing, we have to rely on the foreign press.  It seems the Israeli's, while building their defensive wall, can't resist the temptation to maximize their leverage   They cut farmers off from their olive groves and wells, monks from their ancient grounds and pretty much any Palestinian from whatever he needs to thrive.  

The fellow being choked below is a priest caught praying in the path of an Israeli bulldozer.  The bulldozer is in the process of destroying Olive Trees.  Even the Muslims have religious strictures against destroying trees in that arid part of the world.  Our anti-Christian "allies" seem to have evolved beyond such things.

Remember this scene when Ted Cruz, or Reverend Huckabee or some other faux Christian ignoramus proclaims his allegiance to the Jewish state.  This is what standing with Israel looks like.   

I further wonder why, if Israel is such a haven for Christians as they claim, the Israeli's didn't build their wall to include the Christians rather than cut them off.  Could it be that they are as anti-Christian as they are anti-Muslim?  Of course they are.  

As the politics and culture of Israel drifts more and more toward the religious extreme, Israeli Christians will find themselves living under a regime determined to make Israel Christen-frei.  And our Congress and the GOP will happily pay for it.

Palestinian Christians scuffle with Israeli police over divisive wall

    © AFP | Israeli border guards arrest a Palestinian protestor who was trying to reach tractors working on the construction of Israel's controversial barrier in the Cremisan Valley, on August 19, 2015

    Palestinian Christians scuffled with Israeli border police near Bethlehem Wednesday after dozens of them, including priests, gathered to protest renewed work on Israel's West Bank separation barrier in a sensitive Christian area.
    An AFP journalist said the protesters, who were joined by a few foreign activists, gathered in the Christian town of Beit Jala to protest building a stretch of the barrier, which started Monday after years of legal battles.
    The three Roman Catholic priests tried to pray among olive trees that bulldozers and mechanical diggers were seeking to uproot but were stopped by police.
    One demonstrator was arrested as he tried to plant an olive sapling in front of the excavators.

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