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Sunday, August 9, 2015


My last post chronicling Trumps sacrilegious utterances left out a critical element of the Divine  Kelly's phalanx of devotees.  I mentioned her female Acolytes, Vestals and Sibyls, but I left out the eunuchs.  Is it any surprise that my old friend Rod Dreher is so far her foremost defender?  Here, he defends the Olympian Kelly and I suppose all feisty women who, like him, really really hate rude men.

Another prominent supine eunuch is this Eric Erickson person.  I confess that all I know about him and Redstate is what I hear from people who have something  to say but can't get it said on his conservative Inc. website.  

I am listening to a third eunuch as I write.  David Brooks is the doyen of official faux conservative eunuchs.  He occupies that perch at the New York Times reserved for the conservative eunuch of the moment.  He refers to Trump as "The dark Id of the right."  like a lot of faux conservative Jews, Brooks deeply believes that all we gentiles have murderous intentions, and it his job to suppress them.  

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