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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Radio Derb is off the air.  No news came with the announcement at Takimag.  It appears that the host of the site has closed it.  There was no advanced warning of this abrupt ending at least, I couldn't detect any on Derb's last broadcast.  

I hope that some explanation is forthcoming.  Perhaps Derb can set up shop elsewhere.

It is possible that the entity that "broadcasts" Derb gave in to pressure.  I know of no evidence of this at this early stage, but it is a possibility.  I know that some potential listeners were put off at paying to hear Derb, although they could easily wait a few days to hear it broadcast for free.  

I emailed Derb myself to quibble about having to have a Paypal account in order to listen.  He was gracious enough to reply.  It seems that he chose to keep the operational details of Radio Derb at arms length. Fair enough. 

It cannot be the case that Derb cannot get his voice out to the public.  I hope to support any attempt he makes to do so.      


  1. According to his personal site(title eludes me) he will reappear Aug 1 on a dare.

  2. I've been listening for years, it's a rare highlight of my week and I begrudgingly forked over for that terrible nanacast service to keep listening. To be quite frank, I'm a bit peeved at being messed over with it all. If it's going to be canned, then tell us why, what's with all this tight-lipedness?

  3. Yes the day after I posted this I announced that the Derb will be on VDARE.COM. This will begin August. I think my readers and all the Derb listeners will be pleased with the new terms of service.