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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


For me, Rod Dreher's objection to a thing counts almost as a seal of approval.  As anyone could have guessed, he came out against flying the battle flag of the Confederacy over government buildings.  It's a marvel how he keeps adjusting his deeply held beliefs.  This time he decided that his respect for his ancestors had to give way due to the prospect of a black friend glimpsing a rebel flag in his neighborhood.  Not on his property, no, just somewhere in his vicinity.  He wants us to believe that his black friend, living in New Orleans, has never seen a confederate flag.  I suppose some of his fan base actually do.  

As I wrote elsewhere, the only proper response to a demand that you reject a part of your heritage is to say…"Screw you!"  One's history and heritage aren't preserved because they fit the taste of the day.  They're preserved because they constitute the past.  They bear on who one is.  Traditions are part of what make us human.  They are not subject to the veto of outsiders.  

It should not surprise us that poltroons like Dreher bend with the times.  We should encourage out Southern friends to hold to their traditions, even if they cause embarrassment to the opportunists in their midst. 

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