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Friday, May 8, 2015


This is the text of a comment I left on a friends local newspaper blog.  It's the best distillation of the "Free Speech" Geller episode I have come up with yet.

What we call free speech is so incompatible with multiculturalism, it's odd that so many can't see it.
Our Western post-Christian culture espouses free speech. It can afford to as it is primarily a culture without ideals to offend. Unfortunately it also embraces Multiculturalism and openly invites people from diverse cultures and races to live within this post Christian polity. Stupidly, our post-Christian multicultural elite didn't foresee that those other cultures take their ideals and beliefs seriously.
So we now have large numbers of ungrateful foreign interlopers living among us. They view both our freedoms and the remnant elements of American culture with distain. We brought this on ourselves.
As to Pamela Geller and her kind, remember that Geller is a Zionist who will profit from the Muslim violence she provokes. It's all about "let's you and him fight." When American heartland Christians get killed by Muslims, the neoconservative party line of endless wars fought for the benefit of Israel is reenforced. It's all a deadly agitprop game.
Imagine what Geller and her ilk would say about a Muslim event mocking Judaism. Would she be a free speech heroine then?
Islam has no place in our history or traditional culture. But until we decide to live by that culture we will be subject to manipulation and worse by both Muslim interlopers and Zionist manipulators.

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