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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Credit is due to of all people, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith).  VDARE whom I write for often, carried a blog post today about the SPLC's obviously bogus hate map. 

A Reader Reports The ADL Attacking The $PLC For Its “Wildly Inflated” Hate Map

bogushatemapBasically, they’re just making it up.
From: Richard Keefe [Email him]
In a recent news article, Mark Pitcavage of the ADL announced that Mark Potok’s SPLC “Hate Map” numbers are “wildly inflated.” I’ve posted this at my own site:
I feel a strong sense of chagrin  about this story because exposing the same story had laid in my to "do list" for some time.  Congrat's to Richard Keefe and the ADL.  They got there first.

I can only suppose that Keefe is a patriot.  

The ADL's motives are a bit murky.  The ADL and the SPLC are in the same business after all.  Hammering any opposition to the disestablishment of the American Nation is their game.  They are also competitors, for attention and the same lucrative funding source.  

It's been alleged that the SPLC supports itself in the grand style by gulling elderly left-wing Jews out of money by playing to their fears of pogroms that are always just around the corner.  Perhaps the SPLC is cutting into the ADL's fan/finance base.  It's also possible that the SPLC's bad reputation in the non-profit sector drove the ADL to put some distance between themselves and an embarrassing ally.  

In any event, my own take on the "Hate map" story above, was to see a pattern between the SPLC's listing of skin head hate groups in South Jersey and a ring of them around Atlantic City.  The Skin Head movement has been in decline for a long while.  My experience in law enforcement and exposure to the SPLC led me to guess that  the hate group cells in AC's surrounding  towns were in all probability, the residences of individual Skin heads, not actual organizations.  And so it seems that's what they are.

All I had to do was make a few calls to municipal PD's, especially gang task force officers and I would have had the story last year.  

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