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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The MSNBC hipster retardates think that our boarding of Iranian ships off the coast of Yemen will be the flare-point in Iranian-US hostilities.   How awfully knowing these fools think they are!   

Why for a moment would the US Navy board any of these cargo carriers?   It matters not a wit what those ships contain.  The point, if there is one, is to prevent them from discharging cargo.  Our navy can prevent this easily.  

The Iranian ships have limited fuel and therefore capacity to linger in the area.  Even if they can refuel at sea they are at risk, given the advanced age of the Iranian vessels, of embarrassing breakdowns.  Our carrier task force can replenish at sea indefinitely.  Everything we need to do can be accomplished over the horizon and beyond the ability of the Iranians to prevent.  As long as the Iranians know that we can prevent any attempt to off-load cargo onto the coast of Yemen, they are held in check.   If they attempt to off-load at sea, we could seize or disable the liters or other craft used to transfer the cargo.   If they attempt to dock and unload, the cargo can be seized by Yemeni or Saudi ground forces.  If the Iranian flotilla has landing craft, the Saudi Airforce can clobber them as they beach.  

Our options are wide while theirs are narrow.  Our surveillance of them should be good enough to detect any transfer of arms to Houthi small craft.  These could be interdicted by friendly forces we direct to the scene.  The same would apply to the transfer of arms by the Iranian flotilla to the shore by small craft.  After a few such failed attempts, I think the Iranians would get the message.  

Of course they can be counted on to declare some sort of victory and head home.  

It is obvious to all but the Lesbotardians at MSNBC that the Iranians are most vulnerable in this situation as their mission can be rendered impossible by forces they cannot checkmate. 

As stated in my last post, the point of this Iranian exercise may be to precipitate a fight that will create more martyrs for the Mullah's cause.  If so, that cannot be helped.  We can however, by using moderate techniques like those above, keep the Iranians from looking like naval heroes.  

And finally, why aren't the various Arab navies, who are equipped with the latest in British, French and Italian naval ships and technology doing this job themselves?  The last time I checked, they had quite competent air forces as well. 

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