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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The following is a comment I left on Phil Giraldi's article taking apart Netanyahu's speech before the House of Representatives.  I should have elaborated enough to make a blog article.

Perhaps a bit off topic but, I was struck by Netanyahu’s reference to Haman, enemy of the Jews in the court of Persia during his address to his dupes in our House of Representatives.
Bibi, or his speechwriters, must assume that Americans are biblically illiterate. I say this because every child who studied the Old Testament knows that had it not been for the munificence of the old Persian (Iranian) empire, there would be no Jews in the world today.
If the Bible bears any relation to historical truth, the Jews were captives of Babylonia, a Semitic empire. They lost their kingdoms and were forced to living as disposed captives in Babylon. They were pressure to assimilate into the mass population of that empire. This certainly would have happened if Cyrus the Great, Iranian Arian ruler of the Persian Empire had not crushed Babylon. He then found the Jews useful, setting them back up in their old neighborhood, Palestine.
I’m not one to commingle biblical themes into current events. That said, it’s breathtakingly insulting for any Israeli leader to throw a bogus misrepresentation of a bible story at our faces while trying to gull us into fighting a war against our own interests. That is, the very people who set them free.
In fact, this might be a better reading of the Haman story. Haman was not of Iranian blood but sought to enflame the Iranians into attacking a third party for his own gain. If this isn’t a perfect description of Netanyahu himself, I don’t know what is; a conniving foreigner inciting violence among people not his own.

If the Old Testament Bible is their guide to righteous action, shouldn’t all those Christian-Zionists understand that were it not for the Iranians, Zion would not exist?

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