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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Eric Margolis over at the Unz Review has an excellent piece on the disgrace of our Congress genuflecting to The Israel Lobby.  It's the same old story and we all know it by heart.  He tells it exceeding well for all that.

Some commenters mentioned the Christian Zionists, those fundamentalist barkers who hammer pro-Israel propaganda line into their flocks gullible brains twenty-four seven.  

Ever so often I share my absolute conviction that at least some of these mountebanks are on the Israeli payroll.  I made a sad attempt to investigate this myself but to no avail.  For one thing, I'm just not dumb enough to impersonate a believer in this sort of pathology.  I can't get inside that madhouse without impersonating a madman.  I'm just not willing.

But someone out there should.  The exposure of a foreign power renting out the pulpits of America has to be news.  This must be especially so when many in the media have had it with the Israeli right and FOX.  The New York Times despises Bibi almost as much as the  these FOX and  the Christians.  

In any event here is I wrote:

I cannot believe that there Isn't a money connection between The Lobby and the Christian Zionist TV preachers.  How hard and investigate could this be?  These slobs betraying both their country and their faith are too sloppy to cover their tracks.   As tax exempt org's,  they have a paper trail and a whole lot of people floating into and out of their orbit.  

No one ever blew the whistle?  No one got fired for failing to toe the Zionist line?

There's a Pulitzer waiting for whoever does a little digging on this. 

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