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Monday, March 30, 2015


I didn't really expect the Cruz campaign to read or respond to my plea to be left alone.  So they sent me another BS email, "Sent from Ted's own device."  So before putting Ted's urgent messages into the spam file, I shared the this special message….

Thomas Meehan

1:38 AM (18 hours ago)
to Ted
Obviously your campaign munchkins designed a donation system  impervious to actual feedback.  Good, I like that you are getting off on the wrong foot.  But Ted, I did read your last email. I don't understand why Sheldon Adelson hasn't endowed you with enough money to buy all the votes you need.  You made it clear you despise the Christians of the Middle East.  What more can Sheldon he want?  

In any event, fuck you very much for keeping in touch.

Thomas O. Meehan 

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