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Friday, January 2, 2015


Hunter as Radio personality The Southern Avenger
The TAC is at it again.  I posted the comment below in response to Jack Hunter's latest exercise in self abnegation.  Hunter's piece was a plea to conservatives to really really listen to black's complaints about injustice, police brutality, profiling and all the rest.  To this end, Hunter quotes liberal talking points that fly in the face of the Department of Justices own statistics.  He knows he is spreading bogus stuff here.  
Hunter has become a pathetic figure.  He used to be on the radio in Charleston SC as "THE SOUTHERN AVENGER."  He got pickled up as a blogger on alternative right websites and eventually became some sort of media hack for Rand Paul.  Hunter was a young man on the rise.  

When the purity of mind police outed him as having shared doubts about the absolute sanctity of all things multicultural-multiracial, he fell as a shooting star from the Republican heavens.  He had to resign from the Paul team, and he has been confessing his sins ever since.  This makes him a perfect fit for The American (post) Conservative.  They deserve each other.

He may beg for a new beginning, but it will never come.  The left will always see him as the Southern Avenger.  He will never be acceptable to the cultural marxists who control the media, or the academy, or the professions.  He is a man without an allegiance to betray anymore.  As a media hack I can't imagine how he might not know this.  

So here is what the thought police at TAC not only refused to post, but deleted altogether.

“I thought it was a badge of honor, that this was my role. I believed part of being a conservative was simply to ignore minority criticism, or perhaps to point to other minorities who agreed with me. Over the years, I’ve changed my mind significantly.”Jack, you “Changed your mind,” when it tripped up your career. You found that to be a Republican writer-campaign operative, you needed to write cringing mea culpas like this. You are not the first operative to find himself an embarrassment to his patron.
News flash, having been the Southern Avenger, you will never be accepted in polite hive-mind society. So stop confessing for previous truth telling. It’s awkward for readers and shameful to yourself.
Just before I wrote this, I heard the President of the Urban League calling for the head of some congressman for daring to address some pro-European American group a decade ago.  Why does Jack Hunter seek favor in a political milieu in which multiple racial groups call the shots while the majority population must remain submissive?  Cowardice and and a perhaps understandable desire to prosper must play some part.  Perhaps he has children to feed. 

We are much better off without him.  Taking the part of the historic American nation requires spine.  He and the likes of Rod Dreher can always find a home at TAC's precious, small, sideshow.  


  1. When TAC was owned and operated by Pat Buchanan it was a totally different e-zine. Now it is owned and operated by neo-cons.
    Neo-cons are just another mask of the Enemy of us all.

    1. Colin, I can't help agreeing except I'm not sure just how much actual hands-on executive power Pat and Taki and company had from the very beginning. Like a lot of good things, personnel is policy and that's where the pygmies took over. Taki is not exactly a hands on fellow and Pat is very busy. I wish they had thought through the whole business model/content provision before pulling the trigger.

      So now we still don't have a paleocon flagship journal, although VDARE, Unz, etc. help out a lot.