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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Over at UNZ REVIEW some commenter was trying to make a point about how certain writers on the alternative right refrain from citing Phil Giraldi's work.  I have my doubts about the veracity of that.  The comment is on Phil Giradi's piece on the Charli Hebdo attack and the possibility of a false flag operation, about which I raise a question but remain agnostic.

A commenter lumped the egregious Rod Dreher in among the men.  I just couldn't let this tho without comment.

"Placing Rod Dreher in such company as John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow is simply wrong. Derbyshire and Brimelow are men of talent purged by the neocons who run NR.
Rod Dreher is a poltroon with a following of sexual deviates, self flagellating pseudo-conservatives and NPR listeners. He keeps them agitated by suggesting mildly conservative thoughts, to which they respond in righteous indignation. He gets to play conservative and they get to feel good hitting him with their little pink down pillows. It’s a ritual, and his next blog post starts the cycle all over again. It’s all about driving up the reader hits at TAC. He is TAC’s faux conservative click bait artist.
Brimelow , Derbyshire and company exist in a journalistic universe they created themselves post National Review. They consistently produce better, more honest material than the pygmies who sold them out in New York.
As far as Sailer not mentioning Phil Giraldi goes, I don’t see what this proves either way. Neither of these writers are fans of Israel or Jewish influence. That doesn’t mean that they are a mutual support network or a fan club. Perhaps thinking of them in that way would be a conspiracy theory in itself?"

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