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Sunday, December 21, 2014


What are we to make of North Korea's aggression against Hollywood?  Both are despicable anti-western systems deserving our hostility.  Both operate from nepotism, bad faith and ruthless suppression of talent.  

Morally they deserve each other.  Indeed it's tempting to thank North Korea for saving us from yet another Seth Rogan movie, especially in this season.  For all the wrong reasons they are our unwitting benefactors.

That said, we can't welcome an act of international vandalism by a sovereign state on any American or American company no matter how much they resemble one another. This is true even if it benefits to those of us with taste.  We are a nation after all, and an attack on one of us is an attack on us all.  As much as we might wish for the elimination of  panhandlers and Geraldo Rivera, we really don't want  the Kim regime to do this.  These are American life forms and it's not his business to do us such favors.  

The North Korean leader, educated in Switzerland, is said to be a consumer of Western media.  What he makes of it, no one can tell (and survive.)  Did he think that Sony's making money from the idea of his assassination was an actual threat or just insulting?  Perhaps he doesn't know that politically correct Hollywood is running out of villain material?  It used to be the Germans and South Africans.  But  the Germans are too rich now and the South Africans are now the "Good Guys."  The hacks who write movie treatments now are reduced to picking on exotic North Korea.  Why not,  their movies don't sell their.  I guess they'll have to go back to picking on someone who won't fight back, like Christians.  They're always a cheap target. 

We have to admit, reading Hollywood studio emails is a guilty pleasure. How much more entertaining they are than their movies. Their casual disdain toward the "talent" that they live off, is a refreshing affirmation of what  we thought of these people all along.  They are without decency or depth, just like their products.    

Our feckless President will feel obliged take some action, if only to quiet his very generous Hollywood supporters.  This will not amount to much as he is a lame duck who no longer needs them.  

Perhaps he might  mention that Seth Rogan is Canadian and Sony is Japanese?  

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