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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A promenent member of Ferguson's Black community seeking justice at a local venue.

Aren’t we all tired of the endless Ferguson coverage?  I am.  What precisely, is newsworthy there?  Is a common police blotter shooting of a street thug by a police officer worthy of such national obsession?  I think not.

Why is our peace of mind hostage night after night to images of ignorant rioters?  Why is the President involving himself and his Attorney General once again in municipal affairs, even going so far as to interrupt his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to express his solidarity with the down trodden?  Why is Anderson Cooper risking his precious good looks under possible assault by water bottle?  Why have purportedly mature public officials contorted themselves into impossible shapes catering to an incoherent mob?

Before expressing a general opinion, I’ll pass along some general observations.

Today, the ever gamine Ronan Farrow of MSNBC took the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri to task for daring to use the expression, “Anglo-American legal system.”  Shamefully, The Lt. Governor apologized for any misunderstanding he may have caused. It was painful to watch, as the Lt. Gov. had acquitted himself well up to that point.  Even more bizarre was that he apologized even after reminding Farrow, that as Farrow is a lawyer, he knew quite well that the term is both a historical and legal term.  So I suppose it’s now official.  Our common Anglo-Saxon legal history is now a shameful excrescence, not to be mentioned. It upsets both the mob class and the New York media volunteer auxiliary thought police.  

Then last night Governor Nixon of Missouri all but called for the prosecution of the Officer involved.  He actually said this before a grand jury was empaneled. Nixon used to be the State Attorney General. 

While it has been alluded to, it’s curious that the racial element hasn’t been but into sharper focus.  I’m not talking about the Blacks, but the Indians and others who seem to dominate all the commercial establishments in this sorry business. 

The owners of the convenience store where that “Gentle Giant” Brown strong-armed the staff are named Patel.  The little Fellow he pushed about is named Patel.  Mr. Jacoub from Lebanon owns Sam’s Meat Market, which was enthusiastically looted by his own customers a few nights ago.  Among others looted was one Mumtaz Lalani, another storeowner just goes by the name of Ibrahim.  The list goes on.

Nothing excuses looting, but you might think that the mainstream media, so engrossed in race talk, might at least notice this disconnect between the face of the community and the face of everyday commerce.  The politically correct media see untrammeled Indian and Pakistani immigration as part of our wonderful diversity. 

There is that other minority in Ferguson, Whites, who get out and vote, and pass civil service tests, and show up to work on time.  Their success is apparently, an affront to Black America.  Importing people to gyp blacks from the other side of the world is just fine however.

There is the media’s abandoning of even the pose of objectivity.  They, and the administration, and the liberal over-culture and the rioters are acting to re-affirm their high-low coalition.  That is, the multi-cultic elite of the new class, and the underclass whose votes help keep them in power must be  reset from time to time with a Trayvon Martin, or a Duke Lacrosse case. It doesn’t matter how bogus these distractions are.  It’s enough to get underclass voters riled and ready for Election Day.  How else to explain both CNN and MSNBC’s depiction of rioters as “Protesters seeking justice?”  How else to see Erick Holder’s meeting today with “Community leaders”? Having de-legitimized the real community leaders, other wise know as elected representatives, Holder all but promises the prosecution of a White cop for doing his job.

Anyone with any law enforcement training or knowledge knows that a cop who has been assaulted, had to fight to keep his sidearm, and is being approached by an assailant with criminal intent can shoot.  This is particularly true if the officer has had the bones in his face crumpled and is in danger of losing consciousness.  Yet the legal analysts employed by the networks mouth gibberish when they know that this is a routine matter, save for the tribal passions of Brown’s benighted neighbors.       

My final conclusion is this. The over class and the underclass need to stick together in order to deconstruct our culture, our legacy population and our economic system.  It takes a village to lift our wallets, as it were. When a minority President sympathizes with his own race when they riot, he is sending a message.  And the message is this; the mechanisms of justice, and our political process are no longer free from his usurpation.  That Anglo-Saxon tradition that Ronan Farrow found so unacceptable is being replaced by a racial and ideological spoils system. 

What is happening in Ferguson has absolutely nothing to do with justice and everything to do with the manipulation of racial resentments and the will to power by parasitic elites.

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