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Friday, August 8, 2014


I just saw the noxious plagiarist and dupe, Chris Hedges, say that he "Had been to war" just now. The context was a CSPAN coverage of the 2014 Left Forum Panel on Thomas Paine.  in it, the usual collection of socialist malcontents held forth from a dais about injustice. I gather they are against it.  

The clown prince of affirmative action Afro-jibberish, Cornel West was there, along with some smarmy little guy I've never seen before, and Hedges.  The event should not be confused with an exposition of ideas.  It  was just  a chance for a small crowd of angry left nerds to see their heroes perform their acts.  

The sole reason I bother to post this is that Hedges made that statement, he had "Been to war."  Due diligence forces me to report that there is no record of military service in any Hedges bio I can find.  I don't mean to split hairs here.  My understanding of the term is that when one "Goes to war", you are going to war with some purpose greater than writing about it.  Hedges did covered plenty of wars, but only in the capacity of an onlooker.  The distinction here is that those who have "Been to war" have to stick around when the shooting starts.  Journalists like Hedges can stay as long as they want, then go back to their air-conditioned hotel for a shower, a Mojito and nice clean bed.  

Hedges is a throughly unpleasant character, spouting radical revolutionary from his sinecure at the Nation Institute.  Like West, he gets to wage the revolution from a cosy distance.  Come to think of it, that anonymous little clown with them was a professor as well.  

Hedges left a strong impression of having served, while only serving his career.  

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